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Made in earth

Made in earth started in 1995 as a100%-pure-organic-cotton-clothing brand.

This year, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. Since 25 years ago, We have been expanding our products from clothes to beddings, bath goods, and detergents.
Though, our fundamental concept of providing sophisticated goods that are made out of 100% natural materials on earth has never changed.

Our products were produced in the completely chemical-free process from cultivation through the final production.
We are careful about small details such as name tags and sewing thread for our customers.

Because we just pursue everyone’s happiness and comfort through our products.

Company Profile

Corporate Name Team Oh-Three Co.,Ltd
founded December 22, 1989
Capital 10,000,000yen
Tsuyoshi Maeda
Number of Employees 21
7-3-10 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0083, Japan map
TEL +81-50-5357-9015
FAX +81-50-5210-3765

Made in Earth

MADE IN EARTH was established in1995. We create all natural life style goods such as clothes, inner wear, bedding, bath goods, baby items, natural soaps, and more.


The products of Made in Earth are made from 100% organic cottons that are grown organically without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and authenticated by a third-party certifier.

◆The colors of natural cotton

We make the products with undyed cottons mainly. The colors of the true cottons are off-white, brown and green. In some products, we use a plant dye or an old Japanese natural dye, rouge (Red Iron Oxide), but these are all natural.

◆No chemical treatment and processing

We do not chemical non-shrink treatment or flexible processing as much as possible. Instead, we do refining and soaping with hot water or water. When we use a natural gum or polyurethane, wind a thread of organic cotton around them.

◆Stick to Organic

In our products, threads and tags of the products are also made from organic cottons. Moreover, we choose the good way of ink printing for environment and use “Green electric power” at our office and stores. We do introduce natural materials into our daily life.

◆Our belief about making products

We have been making products based on our concept that “born on the earth and back into the earth”. We would like to be creative with using wisdom of human beings and support producers who have a same belief. We are considering seriously about not only materials but also the process of making products, the way of print and the electric power. Therefore, we do choose the kindly way for environment and our Earth.

Cloth sanitary pads

Cloth sanitary pads, for daily and periods are very popular for protecting women's bodies from chemical materials. MADE IN EARTH makes pads, including all the fabrics and absorbing sheets and also sewing threads with all organic cotton, which make you feel natural and more relaxed. It is very ecological that cloth sanitary pads can be washed, dried and used again and again.
Not only does the nice soft texture make you feel better but also you can check your body conditions by washing the cloth sanitary pads therefore your everyday life will become better.And we believe that the sustainability of cloth sanitary pads make everyone happier in the world.


T-STYLE Jiyugaoka 1F
7-3-10 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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